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Persuassion last night on PBS

Finally, we across the pond got the new Jane Austen adaptations!! We get them one a week for about a month.

Here are my thoughts:

Last night was the adaptation of my third favorite Jane, Persuasion.  I love Persuasion. It's one of Jane's deeper stories. I love how she can make a wonderful love story (in this case between an "old maid" and a sea Captain who were once in love and  broke it off and now have to get back together) with great lesser characters (her snobbish family, hypocondriac sister, his moony friend, the silly girls) and make into a treatise on human behavior and human psyche (the danger of being persuaded by others, and yet the necessity of it). She does all of this with such timelessness. The characters and their situations and feelings are just so true and so modern. Who hasn't acted and felt the way that Anne Elliot does when she meets the man she broke it off with, but still loves, ten years later? So perfect. God, I love Jane.

Already, we had the near-perfect Amanda Root/Cirian Hinds adaptation of the novel. And, over-all, I got to say that I perfer that version. Not only was it longer, and therefore more inclusive, but it also was more accurate to Jane's dialogue, prose, and story. Also, I thought the production and acting (in both the leads and the wonderfully cast secondary characters) was more beautiful and lively in the older version. 

But I certainly liked this new one. I liked the camera work (esspecially with Anne Elliot breaking the fourth wall a lot). I liked the merky moodiness. It was pretty faithful, and did a nice job moving the story along quickly. The acting was decent and certainly very likeable. There was lovely chemistry between the two leads. And best of all, was a super sexy, deliciously handsome, dreamboat Captain Frederick Wentworth. No offence to Cirian Hinds, but this guy was so good as my third-favorite Jane man, Captain Wentworth, who wrote one of the best love letters in all literature.

What did everyone else think?
I am so excited for Northanger Abbey next week. I've been dying for a good adaptation of that.
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